The Greatest Speech Ever Made

This video tugs at my heart strings every time I watch it. It is amazing how relevant this speech is 73 years later. It is a perfect example of human nature, we are creatures of habit and will continue to make the same choices over and over. The question is when will we finally take the next step in human evolution? I am sure every generation has that hope that they are the ones who finally change the world. I know I am still clinging on to the hope that it will be mine.

Be the change you wish to see in the world is one of my favorite sayings and something I make a daily effort at, but I am just one individual and I only have the power to change my life. Until we unite as humans by  tearing down the borders and removing the layers of labels we give each other we will continue to go in circles. We have the tools and the technology to create a more functioning society but we lack the conviction. The power is in individuals like you and me standing together and creating change. The power is in the people.

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