Grammy’s Applesauce


My great grandmother passed away almost four years ago, it has left a hole in my very being that will never be filled. She was such a sweet, loving and knowledgeable woman. She was literally the glue that held our family together and we were so blessed to have so many wonderful years with her.

One thing I do to try and keep her memory alive is I like to bake/cook the same seasonal treats that my sister, mom and grandmother grew up loving.  So needless to say when I stumbled upon some good ole Gravenstein apples at the farmers market I bought a box. Grandma only made her applesauce with Gravenstein’s.

I ended up with Grandma’s original cook book and it always makes me laugh/cry/scratch my head when I try to use it. It has years of notes scratched out and substituted ingredients. It has names of family member who liked or didn’t like the recipe, it has measurements like enough to make you happy (really I don’t think they have a spoon for that, happiness spoon, I am sure that would sell out pretty quick). As silly as it sounds this is one of my most prized possessions.

So today I attempted to make some Grammy B applesauce. As I sat there using my apple peeler and corer, I thought about my grandmother doing all of that by hand and how much effort and love was put into each batch of applesauce. That woman really did spoil us kids! Now I have attempted this recipe before and both times my sauces turned out good but it didn’t taste like Grammys. Well I am proud to say that I have figured it out, it was the apples the whole time, it made so much difference. Gravenstein’s make the best applesauce.

I know I am tooting my own horn here but it was like Grandma came down from heaven and was making it right beside me! I can’t wait to share this with the rest of my family. The sauce is already husband approved!

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