Vanilla Caramel Latte With Rice Milk Please


I went to meet a friend for coffee today, she suggested the Starbucks in the Barnes and Noble down the road from my house. I detest Starbucks coffee, yes I live in Washington, yes there are 3 Starbucks on every corner but the service is always terrible and the coffee burnt. I much prefer one of the small locally owned coffee stands in the area, we have a plethora of those in this state as well. But I swallowed my coffee snobbery for the occasion and agreed to meet her there.

Yep I should have suggested somewhere else. I went up to order my vanilla caramel latte made with rice milk and the man said they only had soy milk. What?! How is that possible? Starbucks makes way more money than the small coffee stands I usually go to and yet they have multiple choices for alternative milks almond, rice, soy, hemp and coconut. I am allergic to milk and soy so needless to say I didn’t get my coffee.

I sat and visited with my friend for about an hour. Once my friend left I wandered around Barnes and Noble for a bit. I mean how can I go into a bookstore and not look around. Books are like crack to me! I did pretty good and only purchased a new journal for myself.

By this time it is 11:00 am and I still have had no coffee. I was trying to map out the closest coffee stand to me when it hit me how addicted I was to coffee. I mean I love coffee. I have been drinking it regularly for 17 years, I can remember my great grandmother giving my sister and I little cups of coffee (it was decaf) for our tea parties. I love the flavor, the smell and the familiarity.

But I am most definitely addicted. I don’t want to be addicted to anything. I don’t want to feel like I need something. I don’t want to feel like if I don’t have said item my day will be influenced negatively.

So starting today I am going to go without coffee for a month.

Yes it makes me nervous, yes it might be extreme I mean it is just coffee right? It’s not like I am addicted to meth. But I am seeing it as the same principal. I don’t want to be dependent on any substance. Plus I just might save some money so it is worth a shot.

After a month I will reevaluate my feelings about coffee. Oh boy the challenges I give myself.. Wish me luck!

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