Old Barn Window Art

So this past year my husband and I bought a house and little by little we have made it ours. We both are do it yourselfers and we don’t like the bought it at the store look, so pretty much everything we have done is custom. I have gone with a french country theme. I am slightly a hermit and my home is my sanctuary so I have a very specific vision of how I want our little house to feel and look. Here is one of my favorite projects so far (sorry for the quality of pics they were taken with my phone camera).

Old barn window turned into an artful picture frame!





Here is how I did it:

I found the window at a Country Chicks everything sale. One old dirty barn window, exactly what I had been looking for! It is fairly easy to find these but hard to find them with all the glass intact. (Try the local antique shops or barn sales)

I then went to Home Depot and bought a sample size of Informal Ivory paint, some paint brushes and wall mounts (this guy is pretty heavy).

Next I went online to http://www.deviantart.com/ and order some 8×10 prints that I liked I ordered a few extra in case I didn’t like some or how they looked together. (You can use personal pictures also, I just wanted to add some color to our living room)

Then was the fun chore of cleaning the window up, it took quite awhile as the glass is very thin but with patience and a lot of Windex I got it done. (It wasn’t perfectly clean, it is so old that would be impossible, but that is part of the charm in my opinion)

Next I painted it, I did not strip the old paint as I wanted to keep the look of the old barn window that has been painted over multiple times. I did two coats.

After I let it dry for a day, I inserted the pictures. To do this I used clear self adhesive picture corners like the ones I use in my scrapbooks. If you are not sure what those are follow this link (http://store.scrapbook.com/jv-1674.html?w=photo+corners)

Then my husband put the mounts on the back and hung it on the wall for me!

All said and done I paid probably about $90 for all the supplies for this project, money well spent because now I have a beautiful, unique, one of a kind piece of art!

2 thoughts on “Old Barn Window Art

    • Thank you! The place I found mine was a huge barn sale with about 100 vendors selling everything you could think of. Handmade shabby chic items to vintage furniture, that was a fun day!

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