Clouds Of Icarus

By Christopher Havens

The crippling cloud creeps up and begins to claw it’s crooked way in.
Silent assassin slithers and slips the shady poison ‘tween the skin.
Unbeknownst to most the black intruder strikes a chord.
Behind the curtain some would look, driving ever towards the sword.
Scores of those who listen closely to the searing song seldom get to hear.
The venomous verse whose vast emotion bores violently inside the ear .
This time is short and friends are few, so thoughts begin to brew.
Maybe you have spewn a dim review of those who’re near to you.
Hold fast to the wind and it’ll take you up and ultimately drop you deeply down.
The cloud was formed, the rain has fallen, now it’s come back to sneak around.
Flying up to kiss the sun will burn your wings and twist your lips.
You’ll be sure to swiftly greet the ground; Sleep sound with Icarus…

This poem is by my talented husband. I encourage him to delve deeper into his creativity but as of right now he is in college full time and working full time so he doesn’t have a lot of free time. I hope one day he can find some time to explore this side of his brain! (Ha how many times can you say time in one sentence)

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