The 10 Albums I couldn’t live without

So I hate the question, what is your favorite band? Or what is your all-time favorite album? The reason I hate these types of questions is because I never know what to answer, I always end up saying something like “I don’t know I like everything.” But how boring is that answer, do I really not know myself enough to know my favorites? I do like a wide range of music and to narrow it down would be hard, but I mean that is something one should know. So I asked myself, if I was on a deserted island what ten albums would I take with me, what albums could I not live without?

I took my challenge seriously; wow was it harder than I thought! Music makes up so much of who I am. Music has been there for my life’s ups, down’s and in-betweens. Good music is a powerful tool. It was hard, but I did it. So here is my list of the ten albums I would take with me to a deserted island (and obviously I have an endless supply of boom boxes and batteries to play my music on).

10. Kan’Nal – Dreamwalker (

Kan’Nal is special. Kan’nal is a tribal psychedelic rock that I have never experienced before. I stumbled upon this group in 2008 at a Faerieworlds festival (it is exactly what you think it is a bunch of people in the woods dressed as Fairy’s and other mythical creatures, happens in Eugene Oregon every summer, one of the most interesting /creative/positive experiences of my life) that happens to be one of their last performances together. Man was I lucky.  Talk about profound spiritual awakening through music; deep beats that hit the core, sultry Spanish guitar and lyrics speaking of love, nature and transcending the usual rhetoric. Calling all hippies! The band formed by fleeting chance all were on solo backpacking missions though Mexico and Central America when their paths crossed. They were only together for a brief five years but it is my opinion they did exactly what the universe wanted them to do at the time and instead of pushing it to make money, they let it go. Some of my favorite lyrics from a song not on this album called, “Digging Up the Devils” “Something tells me question what I believe question authority question just about everything that claims to be the only way to salvation only way to reach heaven don’t believe the lies they feed the poor and hungry”. (This lyric is me to a T since I was a little girl).

9. The Green- The Green (

Reggae just makes me happy. Puts a little pep in my step. The Green takes me to my favorite place in the world, Maui, Hawaii driving home from Lahaina to Kihei windows down, ocean air blowing through my hair. Ahhh Maui, where my heart is, I have been blessed to live there for a short time and travel back multiple times. I love the island, my ten year plan consists of moving back. The Green band has multiple albums out and just releasing their latest album, Hawaii 13 a few days ago but I chose the original self-titled album to take with me to my hypothetical island.

8. The Killers- Hot Fuss (

I don’t really know why I like this album so much. Weirdly enough, I really don’t like any other Killers music. The only thing I know is this album was in my CD player for 6 months, I played the shit out of it. It came at a time in my life I was going through a HUGE change (my husband cheated on me with my best friend). Hot Fuss is fun and sounded great in my car blasting while I was shutting out the world; the louder I turned it the less I could hear my inner monologue. The lyrics aren’t anything special but it is apparently exactly what I needed to hear at the time.

7. Damian Marley and Nas- Distant Relatives (

Because I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness I grew up really confused about religion and the happenings in the world. That has translated into pure fascination and in religious institutions now at an older age. This album is perfect it covers all that is wrong with this world in a beautiful hip hop/ reggae mash up. Though some of the songs are heavy and weigh on your mind, Strong Will Continue and Count Your Blessings are very uplifting and positive.

6. The 50 First Dates soundtrack (

Oooo love songs with a reggae flair. This album in on here for pure sentimental reasons, these are mine and my husband’s jams… 311’s version of “Love Song” is our song, we danced to it at our wedding. I also absolutely love the movie.

5. Eddie Vedder-Into The Wild Soundtrack

I tell my husband all the time that I wish Eddie Vedder would come and sing me to sleep, oh man that man’s voice! Not only could I listen to this his voice ALL night long, the way he plays his guitar, he is the perfect package. I adore Eddie Vedder, I enjoyed reading “Into The Wild” in high school and the movie mixed with Eddie’s lyrics was so emotional.

4. System Of A Down- System Of A Down (

I pretty much like everything about System, their pure raw energy, their political messages, their drive to get people to remove their blinders. I have seen them three times they are phenomenal. I know some of their songs sound silly but if you actually listen they are highly intelligent lyrics. It was hard for me to choose one System album. It was nostalgia that tipped the scales for me. My best friend Dannica and I use to listen to this every day on the way to school, smoking weed and just being lost teenage girls trying to figure out life together. Some of the best times of my life right there.

3. Nine Inch Nails- Pretty Hate Machine (

It certainly makes me feel old to think Pretty Hate Machine came out in 1989 granted I was five but rock was what my mom listened to and I became a NIN fan at a young age. Trent Reznor can do no wrong in my book. Reznor has one of the most magnificent rock star voices of all time, his music has so many haunting layers and the beats…. Trent Reznor = GENIUS. The last time I had GA tickets was at a NIN concert we pushed and pushed to the front of the stage, the hard work paid off because I got to see Trent Reznor up close and personal, I was in a trance the whole show.

2. Garth Brooks- Double Live (

Wait. What!? I went from SOAD and NIN to… Garth Brooks…. Oh yeah and I would pay ANY amount of money to see this man live, I had actually convinced my husband to take me to Vegas and see him  but I was too late Garth stopped performing at the Wynn. UGH!! There are rumors he will be on tour soon though. I cheated and chose the Double Live album because it has the most Garth songs on one album (two discs but same cd case). This man can sing, play the guitar and tug at this hopeless romantics heart strings!

1. Fleetwood Mac- The Very Best Of (

I cheated again, The Very Best Of is a two disc set with 36 songs. Fleetwood Mac, there is NOBODY like them. I have seen them three times and been in awe every time, my respect for Stevie Nicks chilling voice, Lindsey Buckingham’s ability to play his emotions through his guitar and Mick Fleetwood’s enthusiasm = PERFECTION. There mystical music speaks to the very fibers of my being. Lindsey Buckingham is one of the most unacknowledged guitarists of all time; anyone that can see I’m So Afraid live and tell me he isn’t a master should just go away… And Stevie Nicks.. One of a kind. Though I read a Youtube comment the other day that was comparing her to Miley Cyrus.. It reminded me of why I never read Youtube comments. . My husband says if I die first he would play Gypsy at my funeral (are we morbid because we have those kind of discussions??)I feel that is completely fitting and I couldn’t have chosen a better song.

So there you have it, my top ten albums. I would like to mention a few albums that I had a hard time cutting out: No Doubt- Tragic Kingdom,Tool-Ænima and Lupe Fiasco- Lasers.

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