I am going to write a book! I mean if Stephenie Meyer can do it how hard can it be?

April 1, 2013 I found myself unemployed for the first time in my life. While I knew it was going to happen, (good ole state budget cuts) it was still disheartening. I am 29 and started to work full-time literally the day I turned 16 and prior to that since the age of 12 I worked 4 days a week every summer down at the Olympia Farmers Market with my grandparents selling corn at the family farm stand. Now I have to deal with unemployment and the Washington State Employment Security Department (the same agency me and 40 other fortunate employees got laid off by) employment security hmm don’t see the irony there. However, I will leave my feelings about my previous employer for another day back to being unemployed.

In my shocked state I tried to keep busy, my husband and I recently bought our first house in December it was the beginning of spring and there were a lot of projects to keep me busy and feeling somewhat accomplished. A couple of weeks into my unemployment I woke up with a vivid dream still lurking in my consciousness and grabbed the notebook I keep on my bedside table and proceeded to write a 50 page outline of this epic story that seemed to come out of thin air.  After rereading my writings I thought, whoa this is it I am going to write a book, this is my calling….

So I spent hours developing characters, researching and writing my novel. I felt amazing! In my life I have never actually taken the time to figure out what was “right” for me, the planets aligned and I felt like I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

About 20,000 words in, I then reviewed my divine inspiration. It was a big pile of steamy shit. The story and the characters were there but the execution not so much, okay not at all I can’t even believe I let my husband read it, it was embarrassing. Of course he said it was amazing being the wonderful supportive man he is, when in reality he was just glad I was doing something that made me happy.

Here he is the most supportive, attentive and just plain wonderful husband a girl could ask for!

Was I discouraged, why yes, yes I was I mean I read the Twilight series and I figured if Stephenie Meyer could do it really how hard could it be?

I didn’t stay down for long. I still feel like I am going down the right path I just needed to put on some different shoes for now so to speak. What did I do?

I enrolled in college, I barely passed high school due to lack of interest among other reasons and haven’t looked back. Now, at 29 I finally have an idea of what I want to do when I grow up. That dream, that epic novel just waiting to be written will have to wait, but thanks to “divine intervention” I am content in the journey I have set myself on.

This blog is part of that journey, even if I am the only one reading I hope to gain some important writing skills and learn more about myself along the way. I welcome any help and ideas from all you in internet land and look forward to see where this venture takes me.

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